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Umpqua Aquaculture’s oyster farm is located in the triangular breakwater of Winchester Bay, Oregon, where the mighty Umpqua River meets the majestic Pacific Ocean.

We grow our oysters using suspended long lines, which means they never touch the ocean floor. Submerged twenty-four hours a day in a mixture of cold ocean tides and clean river water, Umpqua Triangle Oysters are free of the harsh flavor sometimes associated with bottom sediment. Their clean, sweet, pearlescent meats are setting the standard by which all Pacific oysters are judged.

Umpqua Triangle Oysters are sought after by renowned chefs as well as everyday connoisseurs of the good life.


Our oysters are grown in the triangle formed by two jettys at the mouth of the Umpqua River and the Pacific Ocean. They are suspended from from a series of floats which keep the oysters from coming into contact with the floor of the ocean. These special growing conditions are what make our oysters the finest tasting available anywhere in the world.


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Contact Information:

Umpqua Aquaculture, Inc.
Cindy Simmons and Vern Simmons
Physical Address: 723 Ork Rock Road
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1287
Winchester Bay, OR 97467

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