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Our Unique Growing Environment

Itís widely known in oyster circles that location plays the key role in cultivation of exquisite-tasting oysters - and thereís no better place on earth for farming oysters than the triangle formed by the two southern jetties at Winchester Bay, Oregon .

Here, fresh clean Oregon rainwater blends with cool crisp saltwater in just the right proportion - 20%/80% - at just the right temperature - 51 degrees F - in our protected growing area. Thatís important because when oysters get too warm, they spawn. Spawning oysters develop an unappetizing, slightly grainy texture. Under our consistently cool growing conditions, Umpqua Triangle Oysters never spawn; they produce clean, firm, slightly salty-tasting oyster meat year-round.



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Contact Information:

Umpqua Aquaculture, Inc.
Cindy Simmons and Vern Simmons
Physical Address: 723 Ork Rock Road
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1287
Winchester Bay, OR 97467

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